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Twinkle Slots - Play Free Join Games Slot Machines Online

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I just thought it was really cool to learn that trick. Also be careful on ebay, there are so many fees asociated with selling.

Better sell on craigslist. Except for individual bottles, water is nearly always cheaper than any alternative. Our local, state and federal governments spend millions to make sure we have clean tap water to drink.

Still cheaper than soda, juice, milk, beer, etc. I got one that goes hand-in-hand with Get a prepaid cell phone. You can also transfer your home phone number to a prepaid cell phone.

Receive an additional discount off on your online shopping at hundreds of your favorite stores by visiting mrrebates. Just register, shop and begin receiving checks in the mail.

I save a ton of money around Christmas. Am a growing young businessman who have business ambitions and visions to achieve in a specific period of time, its going to be my pleasure to get connected to people like you who are equipped with such very important information which when applied in my business will definately succeed.

May the lord bless you. When I bring a bag to donate, about once a month, I do a little shopping at Goodwill.

I am always looking for little presents for the kids in my life and am never disappointed. We got our halloween costume components there. I like the idea of shopping once a week to limit waste.

My daughter and I share a pound of sliced roast beef for two or three meals with a side of veggies and some brown rice. Nowhere near as expensive as eating out.

We make our own dogfood, which really keeps the dog healthy and saves a ton at the vet on rashes, itchiness, and tummy trouble.

Drop the collision on the car after it is 7 years old and put the money for repairs aside, especially if there are several cars in the family.

Buy the best tools you can afford to make home repairs and gardening easier so you are not tempted to farm these chores out. Excellent, padded, battery powered, ergonomic.

Plan a garden for next summer, millions are raising tomatoes, basil and zucchini. Plant a raspberry bush and nibble garden-ripe fruit on your way to do the other gardening chores.

Lower the home thermostat by degrees in the winter or raise it degrees in the summer. We turned off the power strips to our entertainment system, which consists of a DLP projector, surround sound, and XBOX, every night for the last billing cycle for our electric.

Luckily, I saw the meter reader, so I knew when to start. As far as television, we dropped satellite TV and opted for Netflix, which has thousands of titles that can be watched instantly over the XBOX There are some real easy ways to save money, but you have to be willing to change certain habits and cut some things.

Medtipster allows you to locate low-cost generic prescriptions from reputable pharmacies in your area. This is so true, Alison!

If others would think this way, their lives would be so much easier. Alison thank you thank you and thank you….. I am currently going through the need vs wants.

No bricks in tank. Regular 12 or 16oz. One bulb to room vs. Solar powered lighting for outdoor usage. Worst times of utility usage.

Hot climates during summer, plan visiting family and friends, work at the office, or even nature walks to refrain running the AC. Cold climates are almost the same.

Clothes drying during the coldest times during the winter. Movie night on regular TV. With almost everyone with cable and a nice TV, come closer to the one you love with enjoyment of the movie or time.

Food and Water Needs. Water filter or just straight tap can be cheaper than bottled water. Can foods last longer and if the frig goes out not to worry.

Frozen pizza over take out. Everyone can find ways to pinch a penny here or there, these are just someways that I find to save.

It takes some time to change a little but I am beginning to enjoy life a little more by enjoying my family and friends a lot more.

I am open to other suggestions so email me if something that works for you. This is a great site i found for coupons, thought I would share..

Amanda, you did not include the name of the web site. Can you sent it to me? Use your slow cooker. Especially in the summer.

I can also use cheaper cuts of meat. They come out very tender and flavorfull. I have been able to turn two chicken breasts into a complete meal for my family of 5.

When I put the rice on to cook, I take out the chicken and chop or shred it and put it back into the slow cooker.

When the rice is done, pour the chicken mixture over the rice and servce. Even my kids love it. Use the leftovers for chicken and rice cassarole the next night.

Or freeze for the next week. Yes, the slow cooker is great. You can also use it to make your own beans, garbanzos, all those dried peas and beans, cheaper and better than canned.

You can add whole onions, molasses, meat, whatever pleases you, too. Beth, that reminds me of a little trick my mom used to do.

We had to agree to a 90 MIN tour as they call it basically they walked us around this resort and tried to up sell us the resort was nice and I would have got into it but my budget for this year would not allow me I found out about it by googling Myrtle Beach getaways a couple of sites came up like expedia and travelocity but I wanted a time share about half way down the page was a site called vacation bailouts they was great easy to book I was on my way that following week might even be easy to google the name of the company sorry not sure about the URL.

What ever happened to clipping coupons? I thought that would be the first thing on your list. You can also get coupons online.

Speaking of online, I use it all the time to find phone numbers. For a cheap lunch, try Ramon Noodles. You might also try picking up things at Auctions.

You can usually get a much better price at auctions than at retail stores. Goodwill and Salvation Army are also good places to pick up good used household items as well as clothing, shoes, purses, furniture, exercise equipment, bicycles and just about anything you could want.

You could also check at salvage yards for good used auto parts rather than buying new parts for an older car. To me, that is a dollar well spent.

Yes, Goodwill is awesome. I bought my beautiful wedding dress there, and also all my business suits Talbots, Jones of NY, etc. I do have a quibble with the Ramen noodles.

Four hundred ugly calories in one little serving, plus horrendous amounts of sodium. Pasta would be better. Bank at a Credit Union.

Lower fees, better rates and treat you like a person unlike banks that treat you like another number. A good way to save money on cleaning is to use things most people already have on hand, like vinegar, baking soda, rubbing alcohol, and lemons.

You can mix your fabric softener with the vingegar to stretch it out and the vinegar also helps get rid of extra soap residue. You can also use a combination of vinegar and baking soda instead of laundry detergent.

Look up how to use these things, there are so many household uses for all of them. You will save so much money and be helping the environment.

Seriously, who needs cable tv or satellite dish? What is the point of cable nowadays? My suggestion is to stick witha reliable internet provider. I just learned about a great site, http: It has just about every show you could want to watch on cable available for free.

More convenient than cable, too, in my opinion. Ok here it goes, I use the plastic bags i get from stores for cat litter,doggie poo pick up,trash liners for bathrooms,pick up vomit, i know but ihappens , Take em on vacation to carry all your winnings at the amusement park.

I recycle water bottles, i use em for putting milk in to fit in the camper fride, i refill them for kids, my girls make bowling pins outta them, we reuse zip lock bags, i wash em out, reuse em for sandwiches, snacks, etc, I empty the ceral boxes in a container and use the wax paper inside for opening up on my kitchen counter and making dough on it for dinner or making biscuts, I also use it for wrapping stuff up, save those bread bags also, you can store stuff in them, for camping, for the freezer, for extra dounuts left over.

I wash out all my ketchup bottles and mustard bottle and etc, for girls to play with in bath tub or pool, save all shampoo bottles also for that fun,, I cut my milk containers inhalf and use as a water bowl for pets, or a catch all in the kitchen,for scraps to throw in my garden.

Im a stay at home Grandma at 38 years old! All the money I can save is crucial, as my husband and I are raising our Grandson!!!!! Any more tips you could give would be greatly appreciated!

You sound alot like me, cutting corners when possible! Recently I stopped buying paper towels. Now we keep clean rags from the cellar rag container up in a kitchen drawer.

We use those to clean up messes off the floor, and throw them away. If your trying to save money but would like a new family pet, go to your local SPCA or look in the free section or your news paper, instead of buying from a breeder.

For instance my store offers Nitrogen inflation for free, as well as other incentives that save you money.

On a dollar tire I can sell it for 60 dollars. That is your savings. Businesses pay for customer loyalty. Just send in reciepts from stores and gas stations you already buy from.

This is especially helpful for kids, who outgrow their clothes constantly. A great list to get you started. Had a good laugh with Tip No 51! Another good tip is to let the natural light into your house before automatically turning on the lights.

Brew your own coffee in the morning. Make your morning coffee at home. If you need to, get a pot with a timer and set it up in the evening so your coffee is ready when you step out of bed I do.

Use a travel mug if you need to carry it with you to work. I have favorite brand of coffee. T-Mobile offers a home phone for Instead of buying a refurbished MAC just buy a cheaper brand new PC that will have more capabilities.

Everyone who has jumped on the MAC parade is stupid! A totally free prescription discount card. Card can be used over and over, covers all family members, and does not expire.

Unplug cell phone iPod and camera chargers sun when they are not in use. Go online and check all possible stores prices before buying any electroncs.

Go to trade schools to get some services done. Most the time they are half the price and you cannot tell the difference. Chris, I just switched to Net10!

Another way I found to save money was to get a prepaid phone. Net10 have a flat rate for minutes. Only 10 cents per minute and 5 cents for text.

For college student that 5 cents a text is great, i know most services charge 10 cents, so its like half over.

There are no activation fees or anything and the service charge averages to about only 7 dollars a month.

Plus they have service on over 60 countries and for 15 cents a minute for international calls i get to keep in touch with my family in Italy.

Shut vents in unused rooms. Actually, strictly speaking in terms of HVAC, a vent is something you must always keep open, because it accepts used air from the house.

A register is something that heated or cooled air is forced from. Technically, you can close the registers to a room or two depending on your home without much damage.

To do this, find the max temperature the furnace can be at in your owners manual and grab an IR thermometer. Shut the register and check the temperature of the air coming out of the furnace.

Generally speaking, you can safely shut a room or two in a moderately sized house. A trick that I dont hear many people speak about is cutting your own hair.

I was a miltary guy so I am used to having my hair short and getting it cut every 2 weeks. Not a good option for women but I plan on cutting my kids hair until they get older.

It is a good bonding expierence…haha. A great way to reduce telephone bills is to merge your cell phone and house phone.

You can do this through prepaid phone plans like TracFone and Net You pay only for the minutes you use and can use the phone to text as well.

I would recommend this to anyone who is in the need to save money. Track It — Know where your money goes.

I charge everything and get 1 — 5 percent cash back and pay the ballance in full to avoid finace charge. Reduce the biggest expense! Restraunts, Fast Food and Grocieries.

If Fast Food accepts cc I charge it extra cash back. Portion control — It is good to cook in large portions, then divide into smaller portions and freeze.

For example, I make enough caserole for 16 servings and divide them into 4 cup glass containers. I have a caserole for that week and one for the next three weeks.

Always take coupons with you when you go shopping. Walgreens has a booklet with in store coupons. My best way of saving is this: Also, you know that you have to pay bills monthly.

If you get paid bi weekly, calculate how much you get each paycheck. THEN calculate the bills for the month.

Another site that might be usefula is ManyMoneySavers. Has tips on how to save money and earn money and info on how to find lots of free stuff online.

I hope you enjoy. The idea is to help people live a frugal lifestyle in a looming economy without sacrificing quality of living. I hope this helps someone out there!

Buy the rechargeable batteries. They may seem expensive but you save month after month. Get the sunday paper and look for the cupons they save too.

You can also go to the thrift stores you get gently used stuff for only dollars. Lastly grow your own fruits and vegetables.

Growing them makes you have a sense of accomplishment also they are healthy and good for your body. I have to second the comment about skype.

I think it is free within the US. Also, when we travel out of the country, especially , we always book budget hotels that offer free breakfast.

We eat as much of this free breakfast as we can, and then we snack for lunch. I have to disagree with those who said to cut up your credit cards.

We have 4 credit cards, not counting the store credit cards you can get. Yes, I said 4. We use each of them for a different reason and get cash back on every single one.

This only works, however, if you can pay your montly bill each month. We have personally never accrued any interest on a credit card and they have never made a penny off me.

Another card, we earn points that can be turned in for a vacation or just a check. The fourth card we only use out of the country, as it has NO currency exchange fee, which saves us quite a bit.

This also has a cash back function, I believe. I also have to disagree with the life insurance tips. We have a life insurance policy that is not term.

Yes, we are paying more now and will pay more for several years, but it is an investment, and once we are done, we are done.

The life insurance we have now is more like an investment in that it is put into mutual funds and stocks, etc.

If we kept term life insurance until the day we died, we would end up paying more for that insurance in the end…. You would have definitely put in lot of research to gather all these tips.

I will add, however, that setup is not for the faint of heart. You need to first be fairly competent with computer hardware, especially video hardware, as you will likely have to build your own box with ideally two or more video cards.

Otherwise — attempt with care. When it come to online shopping, I always check and compare those Cash Back sites first, such as ebates or fatwallet or sharemydeal.

I have the following tips to help you save more while still enjoying life:. If you need a car, then buy one with a small engine and use less gas.

I rely on walking, cycling and the bus for my day-to-day transport and rent a car for weekends away or special trips. Take-out coffee, buying your lunch every day and pre-packaged meals are bad for you and a waste of money.

It does not take long to pack a lunch of fruit, leftovers or a sandwich, or make a basic dinner from scratch. When you arrive in a new destination, take a shuttle or transit to your destination.

If you want to have a few drinks and watch the football with the guys, have them over and pick up some beer from the liquor store — far less expensive that paying bar prices!

Catch up with a friend by going for a walk together, rather than out for coffee. Pay attention to offers in your area. Next week I am going snowboarding for free well, free other than a small donation because a mountain near me is having a charity event.

Often a small problem can be fixed without calling a repair company. Search on the internet for advice. Camping gear, books, and tools are some examples.

DO NOT go 7k before changing your oil. But the best way to save money is just to do you own oil changes—you can use the money you saved to buy better, longer lasting oils and filters.

I have few tips.. I have Tracfone prepaid phone for 3 years and have not paid that much till today. There are coupon code available online, so use it whenever you recharge for those extra minutes comes a long way.

Redbox or DVDplay alos has coupon code. I use them all the time to save. I buy Entertainment Coupon book and it has regional coupons, so while we eat out there is always B1G1 coupons waiting.

So every month I would get cash from my husband account and put it in an envelope and seal it. On top I would write how much we saved and date it.

Now 3 months later we still manage to pay all bills on time and spend with the remaning and my saving grows..

We use Elevate Communications www. Absolutely love Red Box, nice to see it listed here. This method can really save big bucks!

I also look through their adds and use coupons plus their own sale to save even more. I have stopped using my dryer to dry our clothes.

I do about loads of laundry in a week for 5 people. Also get a blanket for your hot water heater to keep the heat in and switch to a low flow shower head to save on water.

Many students and military use this while in a foreign country. It is through the internet so you are talking on your computer. There is almost no delay and you can hook up a webcam as well which is nicer than just talking on the phone.

The kits are very easy to use and come with attachments to make your hair the same length all around. To cut the hair in the back, bring it around to the front and notice the angel at which the hair rests, cut it at this angel double check in the mirror.

It is a good ideas to cut a little less than you are intending to leave room for error. TRASH — use plastic grocery bags as bathroom trashbags I like using re-usable bags, but I still have some plastic bags around from when I forget to bring my own.

If you get the newspaper, use the plastic bags that protect the newspaper for car trash, umbrella sacks, etc. Some name brands or designers do not allow their merchandise to go on sale or be bought with coupons, but department stores will still put them on clearance.

The key is looking semi-frequently, but you do need some self control. Hopefully no one has sent this one in yet — Cut back on car oil changes- follow the manufacturers recomendations as written in the owners manual — our Hyundai manual recomends 7k miles between changes not the 3k that all the oil change places tell you, I trust the engineers who designed the car more than I do the Jiffy lube folks.

The checker told me they stopped accepting online coupons because people were making copies and using the coupons over and over again.

So, before you waste a bunch of ink printing coupons, make sure the store you shop at will accept them.

If you live in a place that has an HOA find out if there are any positions available on the board. If you rent, find out if you can get a discount on your rent by taking a job cleaning common areas in the complex i.

I had friends who did this in college and it took very little time and effort for them to get a good discount on their rent.

I agree that you have to weigh the benefit of making a claim vs. First learn to do minor repairs for yourself, use professional has become far to expensive nowadays.

If you do not know how you can findout quickly on the internet, and there are even instruction videos. Second is cooking from scratch which is not that hard.

The key is to start off with simple meals and then move on to fancier ones as you gain experience. Third is to eliminate wast from your life.

While cutting our family budget we also cut back on the amounts we prepared. Guess what we still eat as much as we want, but we throw away very little.

In fact the amount of garbage we produce was cut if half by being more careful in preparation, and by cooking from scratch. A fourth lesson we can learn from dogs.

Instead of going to a gym try going for walks and playing in the yard or park. While looking after a dog for six months I lost more weight just walking him then I ever did through any exercise program.

Dogs instincts push them to walk and play, and if you let them do it they will be in great shape. So why not try it yourself I did and it as alot more fun then any gym.

Take a small glass jar, fill it with a half-inch of mineral oil available at your local pharmacy , and keep your razor in it when not in use.

Go figure, because the companies that produce shaving cream are also the same collection of companies who produce razors! I do some light machining, and machinists always store or use their tools in conjunction with oils in order to keep them sharp, and one day it just clicked.

Also, when done shaving, blow as much water droplets from your razor as possible because they will cling to the razor even in the oil, thus negating the benefits.

And before shaving, give the razor a good rinse to remove as much mineral oil as possible. Other than that, fill out the details for yourself.

Thanks for the tips. I agree with the on-line tip and I would also add Check the Internet Price Before purchasing an expensive item at a retail store, check the Internet price.

In the current economy, we now live with two of his siblings. Monetarily speaking, we are three households under one roof now, with only one cable bill, one electricity bill, etc.

With years of experience under my belt, I strongly recommend schedules regarding shower times and chores, and a lot of love and patience, but it definitely can work.

I was just laid off and my boyfriend and I are thinking of new ways to save cash. I try to make home made meals in bulk, especially for lunches.

Home made chicken soup, chili etc saves money, is healthier and tastes better! You can even buy organic produce and it costs less than buying prepared foods all the time.

These are all valid tips. One, you will smell great. Two, you can try many different kinds. You can also do this with facial creams, soaps, etc.

Nice advice guys,really thrilled cos kinda drink a lot and tend to spend more when drunk. Need to drink less. Eliminating cleaning costs will save a bundle.

Many items that are tagged as dry clean only can be laundered. I pretreated the stain, washed it by hand and it was as good as new.

Same for most silk. It can be hand washed unless it has complicated interfacing or lining. Things that must be cleaned—like winter wool coats—can often be spot-cleaned, brushed, and aired out to avoid a full cleaning.

The discounts are usually significant and they carry standard warranties but you will need to pay for delivery or transport them yourself. By the way, Craigslist is noted in an update to this article which you find here: Just wondering why tip 7 says ask for a lower rate on your credit cards, but then tip 19 says you should pay your balance each month.

If you in fact pay the full balance each month, why does the interest rate matter at all? Betty, it is best to pay your balance in full each month.

But the reality is that not everybody does that. If you do carry a balance, asking for a lower rate or switching to a lower rate card can save a lot of dough.

Clip coupons, but only buy items that allow you to cook from scratch. Forget the coupons for prepakaged foods. Always bring your lunch and drinks to work.

Talk with extended family members and stop buying x-mas gifts for everyone. Call the cable co, internet provider, etc and ask for the discount new members are getting.

Cut up the credit cards. Have a potluck and movie night with friends instead of dinner out and a movie. While it is unlikely to stay in your car long enough to do damage, it may be in your lawnmower, leafblower or snowblower for that long.

We were told Shell and Marathon were the best gasolines to use, as they use less alcohol than most others. I collect all the partly used little shampoo bottles from business travel and use them in our liquid soap dispensers.

They work great and smell nice too. Saves a lot of money over time. One tip for clothes shopping. Find a good store and make friends with the staff.

Learn about the sales they have. I bought three suits for the price of one that way. Its more expensive then shopping at goodwill, but I was able to three different suits that will last me years.

Rarely will goodwill have that great of a selection. Burritos every day can be boring. For me, lunch for the week is what ever was on sale in the frozen food isle last week.

I eat a lot of hot pockets. I watch for them to go on sale and stock up on a variety of flavors, and I almost always get a store coupon for them which makes the next batch cheaper.

This means Monday may be barbeque beef, Tuesday is ham and cheese, Wednesday is chicken fajitas and so on. Stick with the lean hot pockets to help reduce calories.

I also recommend checking out the cafeteria at work. They may have some freebies to add to what you bring from home.

I get free fruit and free coffee. Skipping Starbucks has saved me a lot of money. I make my own lattes now. Yeah, I find that staying on top of my credit card payments each month and sticking to my budgets by scrupulous monitoring allows me to lead a balanced life.

Instead of exchanging Christmas gifts with everyone you normally do, sponsor a child through a local charity. It is better for your budget, better for the environment, and will help someone who really needs the help.

Who really needs all the stuff they receive at Christmas anyway? Another great money saving tip—instead of using for information, call FREE They give you all the same information for FREE!

Kishore, good point — I use Mint. I also use Billsback. Also, try taking enough cash from your account to last you the week without using your ATM card.

If you are buying a major appliance, or electronics, get the extended warranty. I bought a computer and a flat-screen TV and within 6 months of the manufacturer warranty expiring, both needed costly repairs.

That warranty has covered 2 motherboards and 2 system fans for my computer, and is replacing basically the brain to my flat-screen TV.

Did I mention the problem I had with my washer right after the manufacturer warranty expired? I only shop for clothes once every 6 months or so. Replace shopping as your therapeutic activity with some other hobby, like walking if you live in a safe neighborhood , or writing or yoga or join a reading group or club.

Always wash clothing in cold water. Cold water gets clothes cleaner, and gets stains out better. Only wash sheets in hot water, to kill dust mites.

There is never a reason to wash clothes in hot water. To reduce Christmas expenses, suggest to your family that everyone just exchange names and buy one gift this year.

My family does this. Everyone is getting married now, and our family is growing more quickly than our budgets! Holidays are more about spending time together anyway.

Who really needs or wants all that stuff? I used to go home to eat lunch every day. I have cut my commute in half by not doing this any more.

I save a lot on gasoline. I am getting a bit tired of burritos though. Access the internet from work or the public library. Watch your favorite tv shows online, or rent the DVDs when they come out from your local video store.

Sign up to get emails from Redbox. They send out a coupon code every monday for 1 free rental. Use sites like Dealtaker. You can even post a request on their message boards for help in finding a good deal on just about any item you can buy on or off line.

If you need furniture, buy dorm furniture from a discount store like Target or KMart. Also, my local Habitat for Humanity runs a resale store and sells lots of furniture and other household items people donate to them.

Find out if your local Habitat For Humanity runs a shop also. Shop where the illegal immigrants shop. Get athletic shoes at a discount store like KMart.

Always wear comfortable shoes. If you wear crummy shoes with no support, or expensive shoes that put your feet and spine out of whack, you will spend way more money on medical bills when you blow your knee out or sprain your ankle or your back.

Save money by taking really good care of your feet. I found that out the hard way, wearing cheap flat slipon sandals to work every day, and ended up blowing out my ACL just on an ordinary day, climbing a flight of stairs.

You can call goog and get connected to any business free. They ask for city and state and you say it out loud. Then you say the name of business or category and if you are just looking for a general thing like a restaurant it will give you a list to select from!

Just a note-be careful with not washing sheets in hot water. To kill dustmites which most are allergic to you need a high temp. Sometimes it only applies to transfers, sometimes only for a limited time, etc.

Thanks for putting this list together, its a great list and very helpful. I just created a new website called saversecrets. After spending entirely way too much money on groceries for our family of four, I sat down and devised these strategies:.

I only go to the grocery store every 10 days unless I run out of something of necesity, like milk and before I do, I make a detailed list of what we will eat each of those ten days.

Breakfast is usually one of 4 things to eliminate over-buying: The eggs come from my own chickens, which eliminates one less thing to buy.

Lunch is almost always leftovers from the night before because I always cook enough to cover both meals I have found that it is quicker and more convenient to heat up leftovers than to run to the nearest drive through.

For example, Last night we had pork chops, scalloped potatoes, and asparagus. Tonight I made a stir fry of leftover pork,a bag of frozen mixed veggies, egg noodles, topped with cheese.

The bag of noodles that I have been using came from a store that sales in bulk, and I have been using it for a couple of months.

Thus, the only thing that actually was not left over was the bag of veggies. Vegetables can be bought freshly frozen which eliminates the waste of them going bad, anddrastically reduces the amount of sodium you would get from canned veggies.

Works great for making your own baby food! I am also a fan of buying extra products on sale and then freezing them so they dont go bad.

This works with bread, meat, veggies, some cheeses, even some entire meals. We save water by running the cold shower startup water into a gallon container.

By the time the jug is full the water is comfortably warm for a shower. We use the saved water to take care of plants or add it to the laundry water.

We also dump the water from the dehumidfier into the washer. A little bleach keeps it fresh until we do the first load of whites or the really grubby work clothes.

Chris, i always look for a Promo code any time i buy something online. I usually get free shipping and sometimes a couple dollars or percent off, but that has definitely saved a good amount of money over the past year.

An organization called Freecycle has different groups all over the country. I reccomend creating a new e-mail address for this because you usually get quite a few e-mails a day.

If you are looking for something specific you can send a mass e-mail out and ask if anyone has the item. I just got a great new charcoal grill for free!!!

There is also a FREE cetegory on craigslist. What about making sure that when you buy something on the internet you receive cashback using cashbackchart.

Two words to remember when buying something online: The only thing better than buying on sale is buying on sale with an additional percentage off and free shipping.

All these are truly helpful But guys, let me add something. We people, are burdened because of very high charges when we call for directory assistance.

We use this most of the time. I just discovered a phone number to call so we can cut this expense on our phone bills. You can get a phone number free of charge.

You just have to listen to a vey short advertisement. By using this service, I guarranty you that you dont just save money but you also save time and energy!

If you have ADT or Brinks look into another monitoring provider. You have to wait till your current contract is up… but hey.

The savings accounts are beautiful and freedom is niiice. I feel sorry for the current generation. We own our home.

We own our car. An elderly couple is pursuing the purchase of our current home. I have homeschooled our children for the past 15 years.

I use cloth diapers. We use the library for entertainment. My sons and I all cook from scratch and from basic whole foods.

Milk, flour, honey, eggs, cheese Our babyfood? We hang out the wash. We garden every year and preserve. We have one car that we use to get to and from work and to consolidate errands along the way.

We refuse to waste money on heating and cooling that runs all day. We buy our clothing at second hand shops and because we dry them naturally, they last forever.

If we want bottled water for trips, we buy a reusable bottle and fill it. The king is naked. Kishore, I have heard of Mint. I guess if i keep hearing good things its worth a shot right?

Track your expenses for free from various bank, credit, mortgage, car loans etc at http: If you live in a house with a lawn, cut your own lawn.

It is great exercise and saves you about 20 bucks a week in general. If you want one more painless way to save money, save is also worth trying.

It has live operators no matter where you are in the US and Canada, and no matter what time of day you call. I have started buying the store brand frozen concentrate.

Another good idea is only take a certain amount of cash to the grocery store. And leave the credit or debit cards at home! I bring a cheap calculator or just paper and a pencil with me and my little girl loves to keep my running total!

She is learning about math and how to be responsible with money at the same time! It never too early to teach your children about personal finance!!

A lot of good tips here.. Keep up the good work! Thanks for the tips! Every little bit helps. Making your own household cleaning supplies is also helpful.

I love making my own laundry soap! I think the easiest, most painless money saving tip there out these is to save money first.

Especially if you put it in a pre tax savings like a k. When I lived in England there was a tragedy when a baby accidentally died during the night.

The parents vegans did the same thing you mentioned. The autopsy found a fatally high level of sodium which was traced back to one of the products the parents had pureed.

I have saved money on many services auto repairs, dog grooming, locksmith, etc. My dad suggested it to me and I am always surprised how well it works.

Sometimes the people you deal with are a bit surprised, but it works frequently. I have had the greatest success with service providers, but I have gotten great deals on items as well.

We started tracking our spending 6 weeks after marrying and moving in together in , then finding we still had no cash! None of the tips shown here are new to us.

We managed to educate our two children right through to a law degree and a history degree on our savings, despite being relatively low paid public sector workers.

And the kids still need a little help because the housing ladder is so hard to get onto. Just a couple more to add to the list. Check your fuel efficiency on your vehicle, particularly if you drive extensively.

With gas prices the way they are, purchasing a vehicle that allows you to get 10 or more mpg more than your current vehicle will quickly pay for itself.

Also, be mindful of your ATM usage. If this is impossible, get out more money at each transaction, reducing your frequency of ATM visits.

To save money and still give nice gifts for birthdays and occassions throughout the year I do all my gift shopping at the after Christmas clearance sales.

I purchase several items and store them in rubbermaid totes in my storage room. I work for a national insurance company. When you are going to be on vacation or are not going to drive a vehicle for a few weeks for some reason call your insurance company and suspend the coverage on the vehicle.

Hardly anybody knows they can do this. Insurance companies earn the premium you pay up front during each day the policy is in force. Shop at home before you go: Before you write your grocery list, dive into the freezer, pantry or wherever you hide the things you bring home from the grocery or drugstore.

While recently helping my father reorganize, we came up with four jars of peanut butter and three of mayonnaise, which in their house will last about two years!

Thank you and I will certainly use them. One thing I always do is when purchasing something online, I always do a quick google search for coupon codes for that website or that product.

Or, if there are multiple sites which offer that item, I will search for coupon codes for each of the sites and figure out what the best overall deal is based on base price and any discounts, if available.

Before when I would find a coupon online, I would print it and use it. Recently the bright idea of printing the coupons and then copying them came to mind.

Well now, I print the coupons and make a couple of copies for the next time I need them and keep them till they expired.

I make copies of the coupons for things I buy everytime I go to the grocery store and that way I can compound my savings. When I get home, I open the package and put all the breasts into individual sandwich bags and freeze them.

Then I just take a breast out and put in the fridge before I leave for work in the am. Holly, thanks for the tips. We have outlets near where we live, too, so your suggestion will come in handy.

I always have to convince people how we can save them loads of money. I run a home based childcare. My food expenses are quite high on a monthly basis.

To save money on baby food I do not buy the prepackaged serving size baby foods in the baby food aisle.

Instead I buy canned fruits and vegetables and fresh fruits bananas, and puree or chop these in a food processor. After they are frozen I place the food cubes in a ziploc bags for storage.

A can of vegetable can cost me cents on sale. One single serving of pre-packaged baby food is about 45 cents. From one 16 oz. I can easily get servings of home made baby vegetables or fruits for the infants in my care.

I hope this helps at least one other person! After completing ICO for the first time you can enable four increasing levels of film effects.

New Vegas has a major and highly popular modification that focuses entirely on simulating low quality or badly damaged film, to make the game look like old Westerns.

Stubbs the Zombie had film grain as the default. Mass Effect has a couple examples. Along with the above-mentioned film grain, one NPC in the third game mentions turning off the sound emulators so he can watch an enemy dreadnought "sink" in complete silence.

This suggests that Space Is Noisy is enforced in-universe, probably due to this trope. Flying vehicles default to having inertial dampeners active, which the players and Shepard take for granted.

Steve turns them off in one instance so the two of them can feel actual G-forces and the sensation of speed. The whole trope Real Is Brown pretty much sums this up nicely.

In real life, colors of all saturation and paleness exist, let alone lighting can vary in both outdoor and indoor settings, so things like ray tracing and desaturating are actually unrealistic.

A special mention can go to Sim City 4 , in which took the trope to the extreme in which not only modern which is somewhat justified, because some people associate brown as "earth-friendly" but also classic Victorian and Gothic the Chicago and New York City styles into the brown filter.

Considering that most Victorian houses were nicknamed "Gingerbread houses" for their use of many colors, one must wonder what they were thinking Of course, the fanbase is now led to believe that if anyone creates a building that isn't drab brown or gray and dull, they're insane.

This idea comes from the sepia photographs leading people to believe that everyone at that time wore drab clothing. The same phenomenon happens in Old West movies.

People of that era loved bright colors, but any depiction of them will be in dark brown and black clothing. Many modern video games use a variety of effects to look more realistic, which are far from it.

These include, but are not limited to: Strangest of all, it seems like the viewer would be aware of what the sun or people actually look like.

Drake's Fortune where the "realistic filter" option removes the vibrant colors and replaces them with muted browns and grays and puts in so much bloom that the game is virtually unplayable.

In the same way that animated studios take efforts to replicate shortcomings of real cameras, video games often go to great lengths to get the washed out effect of an overexposed shot or a really bright light source , which is dubbed "HDR.

This is tone mapping. HDR is a technique to preserve the apparent brightness of an object when its light interacts with objects.

For example, in a non-HDR render, the sun when reflected off water will somehow lose enough brightness that if it were real, you could stare at it with no consequence.

In an HDR render, the sun's reflection is still the brightest thing more or less in the scene. Many 'realistic' video games have very long draw distances, making everything look extremely crisp and sharp all the way to the horizon.

In reality, atmospheric perspective means everything should get hazier and tinted blue the farther away it is. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker , which is known for its cartoony graphics , actually takes into account the effect of atmospheric perspective.

It even simulates the effect of the curvature of the Earth on the appearance of far-away objects. Plenty of gun tropes are like this, due to the fact that most people who played FPS video games or watched action movies started years before being allowed to handle military weaponry if they ever do so.

In fact, this article in Popular Mechanics indicates many times the guns in games such as Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 are first made "extremely accurate, based on factory stats and more" then toned down, not just for balancing reasons, but because of "the drive to make guns feel like the ones we've seen in movies.

People associate shotguns with powerful, close-range weapons So a shotgun blast [in the game] will punch through walls and armor just fine, even though buckshot is known for its lack of penetration in the real world.

Sergeant Schlock of Schlock Mercenary favors an impressively large plasgun which powers up with an ommmmmminous hummmmmmmm and a glowing barrel.

When he goes in to get a new one, he discovers that improvements in technology have led to it being replaced with a small, silent, and more powerful model.

Schlock is appalled, and storms out as the salesman desperately calls after him, claiming that they can give it an impressively large cosmetic casing and a speaker to simulate the hummmmmmm.

Not just personal prejudice there; Schlock is a mercenary , and intimidation is part and parcel of the trade. The hum is a proven deterrent , and the glow of doom from the barrel is nothing to sneeze at, either.

It's like selling an intimidating Hand Cannon without a hammer to cock dramatically or a Laser Sight to show someone exactly which part of their body it will blow off.

Mount you in a big round case Arms dealer, know thy market. Reflections of shiny objects in many animations often appear as sparkles even if the objects or light sources weren't moving at all.

From The Simpsons episode "Radioactive Man": Uh, Sir, why don't you just use real cows? Cows don't look like cows on film.

You gotta use horses. What do you do if you want something that looks like a horse? Ehh, usually we just tape a bunch of cats together.

Some people tend to be skeptical of touch screens because of the lack of physical feedback. Many things with touch screens that have pressable buttons on them will make a click button when you touch them to add to the illusion of pressing a button.

Of course, this has the use of telling you that you've pressed it, but still. The Blackberry Storm tried to remedy this by making the entire screen a button.

Needless to say, the phone didn't really take off. Nokia addressed this by using the vibrator to gently shake the phone when a "button" is touched.

This is becoming common on many different smartphones. Depending on the manufacturer, it may even be described with the accurate-and-awesome term "haptic feedback" in the phone's settings.

Talk to any serious typist and you'll find just how important physical and auditory feedback is. In fact, The Coconut Effect is an essential component of user-interface design.

There are extremely rare exceptions, but for the most part, people get frustrated when devices don't behave the way they expect them to, which includes fake buttons clicking.

As well, if there's any delay between the button press and the system responding, without a visual or auditory response, it's not immediately obvious that the button-press has been registered, and many people - especially savvy computer users - don't trust the computer to actually be doing what they asked it to do, so they'll press again, which starts the process over.

The Wii remote has an interesting method to simulate the "feel" of buttons: Apple created a linear actuator system called the Taptic Engine that simulates the "click" feel of a button when pressing down on something that appears to be a button or button like, such as the Macbook Pro's trackpad, the iPhone's home button, and the face of the Apple Watch.

The feeling is very convincing that you're pressing a button. More bizarre, if you cover your finger with a cloth and try pushing the "button," it won't "click.

The sound they're emulating is more like the action of the reflex mirror in an SLR camera, with a hint of motor-driven film feeding, which is the stereotypical "taking a photograph" sound.

In a reversal of that, in one episode of Scrubs , The Janitor is taking pictures with a camera and making a clicky noise with his voice whenever he hits the shutter.

A young girl asks him why he's making the noise and he explains that his camera doesn't make a real sound There was a controversy in the early s that digital cameras had to make the clicking noise, so people would know a picture was being taken.

It had something to do with surreptitious photos taken by a camera phone in certain women's dressing rooms. BlackBerries with cameras make a loud audible "shutter" noise when a picture is taken that can't be muted barring a bit of creative hacking , even if the phone volume is set to silent.

The reason given is to make it harder to take images surreptitiously—aside from the above issue, a legitimate concern involving a device carried by military, government and business officials.

Likewise the Nintendo 3DS , which plays a shutter-click noise when a picture is taken even if the sound on the console is otherwise muted. This is because there was an issue of voyeurs surreptitiously taking photos of women in personal circumstances in Japan, so a rule was made that small electronics like cell phones or the 3DS must have an audible sound when a photo is taken.

The Android Camera application makes a very loud click significantly louder than an analog camera , but it's generated by the application, not the hardware.

Coincidentally, there's a completely silent user-made Camera application for sale on the app market, and it's suspiciously high up on the popularity lists.

Likewise, Apple won't let different camera sounds in the iPhone store, or provide a way to select them like every other sound. Strange enough, you can turn the entire volume on your phone down to 1 and the camera is very quiet.

Or you can just hold your finger over the speaker. There do exist exceptions. Most digital SLR cameras beep when the autofocus is locked on, though the expected "click" of the mirror flipping is still audible when the picture is taken.

Many cell phones have the option of turning the shutter sound off. Also most professional grade cameras don't bother with sound effects.

Just to be clear, the mechanical sound a digital SLR makes is not manufactured since those cameras have an actual physical mirror that directs light from the lens to the viewfinder SLR stands for "Single Lens Reflex".

When a picture is taken, the mirror is flipped up out of the way just long enough for the image to be captured before it pops back into place.

This is the source of the "clicking" sound and also the reason why the viewfinder momentarily blacks out when taking a picture with an SLR camera.

The advantage of this design is that it allows the photographer to optically see exactly what the lens is seeing which has certain benefits appreciated by experienced photographers.

There is a concern by some about the possibility of a sharp spike in traffic accidents caused by widespread use of electric cars as people may not hear them coming.

The exception to this would be in a highway, where most of the noise actually comes from the tires rubbing against the road. This is more conspicuous in places where highways are paved with concrete rather than asphalt, since concrete is a harder material that stresses the tires more.

The noise is actually caused more by the air trapped between the tires and the road surface that starts usually between 15 and 20 mph ie.

Similarly, the engine noise produced by most cars is minimal mufflers were made for a reason. Cars not marketed as tough, rugged So drivers who use engine noise as a makeshift tachometer are often unaware of how fast they're going without taking their eyes off the road to glance at the speedometer.

When Trolleybuses electric buses came into use in the UK, they were often nicknamed "The Silent Service" due to their very low sound levels.

Naturally, this, combined with their speed and performance very good for such large vehicles back when horse power was still not entirely replaced led to a fair number of fatalities, and them being referred to as "The Silent Death".

This is also why trains, tramways and trolleybuses in France make a turbine-like sound when running. When diesel and electric trains became widespread in the UK, there was a noticeable increase in the number of track workers being struck by trains; they may have been noisy, but they didn't make the right chuffing sound.

As a result, since the mids, British diesel and electric trains have had at least half of the front end painted bright yellow. There was a story about a gas turbine powered Volvo with which one of the biggest complaints from the sample testers was the fact that, for a car generating that amount of power, it lacked the "macho" rumble of a V8 what's not macho about a jet engine?

There were of course plenty of other problems with the design, but the article stated the sound as one of the most common complaints from the testers.

On the other hand, when designing the Dodge Challenger, the company actually took great care in making sure the car made the quintessential macho growl typically associated with V8 engines with more than 5 L of displacement.

German sports car manufacturer Porsche, likewise, is known to have special sound designers in their development teams for new cars.

If you drive a Porsche, you want people to hear it is the real thing. Lamborghini and Ferrari engineers have cultivated a very distinct exhaust note over the past decades.

The design of their vehicles' exhaust systems are finely tuned to get the right sound so you immediately know the pedigree of one's supercar just by hearing it.

Racing varieties of Ferrari and Lambo vehicles sound very distinct in their own ways when running straight pipes or racing exhausts, but don't sound much like their street-legal counterparts.

When Toyota built the Lexus LFA, they enlisted the aid of two divisions of Yamaha - the automotive division Yamaha Motors for the engine, and the music division to tune the engine and exhaust sound which included designing a sound tube leading from the engine compartment into the passenger area , resulting in the distinctive F1 like revving sound.

Truck companies actually engineer and tune the sound of their trucks so they sound tougher. By surveying people about what they think is a "tough" or "macho" sound of an engine, they actually adjust the acoustics of the truck engine itself so it produces such a sound.

Some people change their four stroke moped's exhaust pipe. On two stroke this would result in added power, but on four stroke the effect is much smaller.

Then why do people bother? To get some sound from otherwise silent engine, of course. Forklifts can be fairly quiet, electric ones for all intents and purposes are silent.

The silence isn't normally a problem as they are frequently used in warehouses, away from pedestrian traffic. There have been multiple stories of electric forks having tins tied behind them to make some noise.

Electric scissor lifts usually have a beeper that activates whenever they move laterally for exactly this reason. It's basically the same sound as the backup alarm on large trucks.

This need to hear noise is also a big reason why some car enthusiasts install "Fart Cannons" into the exhaust of their cars. Ask many American motorcycle enthusiasts, and they'll say "Japanese bikes whine, American bikes roar," although often times specific companies are inserted, most often Harley Davidson.

It's so ingrained that, when Harley Davidson developed a far more efficient engine, they had to redesign the exhaust system to give it the classical Harley Rumble without affecting the new performance.

The Japanese, attempting to break into the Harley market, had a similar problem, aggravated by Values Dissonance. Their large V-twin engine was designed in Japanese style - smooth and well-balanced.

They were chagrined to find they had to make it rough and agricultural before anyone would buy it. Harley Rumble is the sound of an inefficient engine design - practically all degree V engines from Harley, starting in the s, were prone to vibration by design, mostly due to V angle and the way the cylinders fired.

They dragged on until the modern age finally gave up when the Twin Cam was introduced exactly because people associated vibration and specific sound with power and traditional Harley image with Harley themselves talking up the vibration as proof of their engines' "power" and shunned more efficient and quieter designs.

To an engineer, the lumpy throbbing exhaust sound of the Subaru Impreza is a defect; it bespeaks suboptimal pulse-tuning of the exhaust system, uneven cylinder loading and related deficiencies.

It results from the exhaust manifold on early models being designed for manufacturing expediency over gas dynamics. A later model rectified this with a better design of manifold that did not give an uneven exhaust sound - but they very soon had to reinstate the older, worse design because people didn't like the new sound.

Some companies sell unequal-length headers specifically for those looking for that boxer rumble. The American M1 Abrams main battle tank was sometimes nicknamed "Whispering Death" because its gas-turbine engine makes a very different much higher-pitched noise than the diesel engines of most other armored vehicles, causing soldiers to fail to hear the tank coming during exercises in the s.

Ducati motorcycles often used dry clutches instead of wet clutches, and many people would often modify their clutch cover to have openings.

This gives the motorcycles the characteristic clacking sound to which owners joke it "sounds broken. The digital signboards in some train stations produce a click-click-click that approximates the sound of flipping numbers on an old mechanical board as they grabbed attention better.

You know that smell of medicated creams? That is actually added, because it gives people the impression that it works.

Ironic, since most people find it unpleasant, but they add it anyway because people don't think that something medicated can be working if it doesn't have that smell.

Also, many cosmetics that are supposed to clean up oil and dirt have a tingling sensation when you use them. That is thanks to an added ingredient that they put in to make people feel like it's working.

They add that to some acne medications too, which is a bad thing: Harming the outer layer of skin makes it more prone to acne, which naturally means that the sufferer will go right out and buy more of the product.

The old slogan was, "it tingles because it works". They simply didn't tell the consumer that "works" meant "gives you more acne".

Both of these are skin and eye irritants laureth is milder than lauryl, but to most people who aren't allergic to them, they're both pretty innocuous at the concentrations usually used.

Commercially produced soaps without SLS clean just as well, they just don't froth. This does have a practical application, though, as the frothing is pretty essential to making meringue.

There was an antiseptic for cuts developed to be sting-free, but it sold poorly because people didn't believe it worked. They had to put some alcohol back in it to make it sting.

Natural Gas is likewise odorless, its characteristic smell coming from methylmercaptane added so that human beings will notice a gas leak by smell rather than by unexpected immolation.

A methylmercaptane leak in a factory in northern France resulted in the "gas" smell covering the land from Paris to southeast England, and gas engineers receiving numerous callouts until word of the true reason spread.

Ditto for propane, after an unfortunate incident about half a century ago — a high school literally exploded after a propane leak went unnoticed due to it having no smell.

Due to people associating the smell of methylmercaptane with natural gas aka methane , a large number of people believe the odor in flatulence comes from methane, despite 1 methane being odorless, and 2 human flatulence containing very little if any methane to begin with.

The odor instead comes from hydrogen sulfide and other sulfur-containing compounds produced by bacterial breakdown of proteins proteins tend to contain a lot of sulfur.

Sulfur compounds often have a very potent odor. The smell of WD is similarly totally artificial and added deliberately. As is the 'bittering agent' in compressed air cleaning cans that leaves a horrible taste in your mouth just from breathing around it, although that's less a warning and more to discourage huffing.

Cough suppressant syrups like Robotussin are made thick because consumers are often under the impression that such syrups need to coat the throat to work, even though the active drug is just absorbed into the bloodstream in the usual way, via the gut.

This obnoxious thickness, combined with overwhelmingly strong flavors, also helps discourage many people from drinking large amounts to get high.

That being said, cough syrups that include menthol or alcohol can nonetheless have a secondary soothing effect on the throat by coating it. Thanks to consumer psychology, people who consume bad-tasting medicine are not only more likely to believe that it's working, but actually have their conditions improve.

This works for energy drinks, too. People consuming bad-tasting energy drinks burn more calories during a subsequent workout!

You know what else helps? Raising the listed price. The more expensive the energy drink, the better the workout later.

Even when it's the same drink. People believe that the produce has to taste bad and be more expensive to work better.

By proxy, the price of goods in general. Many establishments bank on such a mindset to rake in easy profits and people tend to fall for it, despite the fact that the internet today can quickly show you with some searching that you can get some pretty good products without having to fork over a small fortune.

Food is often Colour-Coded for Your Convenience to convince you that it tastes how it looks. Natural mint flavoring has no color, but consumers have come to expect mint-flavored foods to be colored green.

Only gourmet mint foods will abstain from doing this, allowing consumers to feel proud that they don't need the coloring.

The exception is peppermint sweets, which are usually white. In ice cream at least, part of the reason that they have mint green is because green is quite visible - if you notice, other than pistachio, lime sherbert, or homebrew flavours such as lime ice cream , it's the only green ice cream flavour there.

There have been a few customers surprised by this, and if you ask around at an ice cream place that doesn't use food colouring, you'll probably hear a few stories about how a customer or new employee mistook the mint for vanilla.

Strawberry-flavored food is always colored pink. Most consumers expect raspberry flavoring to be red, but strains of dark blue raspberries exist, leading to some often brightly blue-colored raspberry flavors.

Raspberry candies and ice pops are often colored blue because research showed that children like the way it stains their tongue, and also to distinguish them from cherry.

Similarly, lobsters are always depicted as red in fiction, but are often blue in reality. Margarine is white, not yellow.

To look more like butter, yellow colouring is typically added. Said yellow coloring has long been a point of contention for dairy farmers in the U.

However, margarine companies sidestepped around the law by providing the yellow coloring separately, and bootleg yellow margarine became commonplace, which shows how effective those laws were.

After World War II, the margarine lobby gained enough power to get those restrictions lifted, with Wisconsin being the last state to lift theirs in Canada did one better than the U.

Most of these laws were repealed by the 's, with Ontario lifting theirs in and Quebec in Quebec took so long thanks to its powerful dairy lobby, whose industry employs a lot of rural Francophone voters.

The butter that margarine is trying to mimic probably also had yellow coloring added, as butter's natural color varies and depends on the cow's diet.

Which makes the dairy industry's opposition to yellow margarine slightly hypocritical. Flour is bleached in part so that it looks appealingly white.

Naturally it would be a yellowish color that might look unwholesome to some consumers especially now, after years of conditioning.

Also to differentiate it from corn meal. After slaughtering, meat becomes greyish, as the blood is drained from it.

It is coloured red with nitrates, which are actually unhealthy in large doses. In Finland, however, uncoloured "grey-salted ham" has been around for a while and has become a hit.

This is easily proven. Just take some ground meat and put it in water. After awhile, the red coloring drains out and you see the meat's true greyish color - this is especially true if the meat was frozen beforehand.

Along these lines, the ingredients in any natural key lime pie will cause it to be a dull yellowish color.

While limes usually are green, lime juice isn't. However, since it is common for people to associate lime with green, green food coloring is often added to key lime pie to give it a green color.

It's usually the mark of an inferior pie. Being made from bananas, it's also normally sweet, hence some manufacturers add vinegar to make it taste like the sweet-sour Tomato Ketchup though some consumers like Banana Ketchup for its sweetness and consider it more pleasant than Tomato Ketchup.

Actually, tomato ketchup also contains quite a lot of vinegar, but you usually can't tell because of the added sugar. Both are or were originally added to preserve the ketchup.

The color of salmon flesh varies from almost white to the well-known pinkish-orange color that shares the name, according to the fish's diet.

On fish farms, food coloring are added to the salmon's food to achieve the same color. However, red salmon also known as sockeye salmon are naturally just as red as they are when sold.

Leading to an Urban Legend where one canning company tried to boost its sales of white salmon with the slogan "Won't turn pink in the can!

The bright orange cheddar North Americans are used to is dyed to have those colors using carrots and beets, so there's no cause for alarm.

What is shown off as "white cheddar" is just cheddar with no food coloring added. Rice is not supposed to be white. This is actually detrimental to the health value of rice as it completely removes the nutrients and minerals that are present in rice husks.

This is partly counteracted in manufacturing by spraying white rice with a nutrient mixture. This is the reason you're not supposed to rinse white rice because rinsing would just wash off the spray and make the rice little more than empty calories and starches.

Similar to rice, sugar isn't naturally white; brown sugar which contains some molasses is its more natural state and tends to clump together, whereas white sugar which is basically brown sugar minus the molasses doesn't and is thus easier to use in cooking and to flavor another dish at one's leisure.

Ironically, not all oranges are orange. In certain climates, oranges will actually be green, but will be painted with orange food-safe paint to give it the illusion of just being another orange.

The Coconut Effect can prove quite a shock in a cadaver lab or dissection. Anyone who has taken even elementary school science knows muscles are nice red, arteries a brilliant red, veins are blue, and nerves are yellow, right?

In a prepared cadaver, the muscles have lost their blood and are a very sickly pale grey, while most of the other tissues come in various shades of grey, dull-brown, dark brown, and yellowish beige.

Likewise, bones in labs are never, ever that nice, bleached white many shows use. Laboratory supply companies sell preserved frogs for dissection which have been injected with colored latex to make the blood vessels appear red.

Some of them go even further and use red in the major arteries and blue in the veins. On most mobile phones, the sign on the button for ending a call looks like a receiver about to get hung up.

Of course, that has nothing to do with what actually happens, but many people still talk about "hanging up" their phone, even when they're just pressing a red button.

Likewise, the standard "Save" icon in most office suites is a floppy disk. Most of the people using them don't remember what a floppy disc is.

This is also present in video games, even ones not on the PC. The reason is likely due to the floppy disk symbol being so universally associated with saving due to these office suites.

Of course, this is an even older skeuomorphic object, which is already used as the standard "Open" icon in the above-mentioned programs. The original typewriter keyboards were in alphabetical order.

This presented a problem for people when the keys would frequently jam because words had the letters and the subsequent typebars too close to one another.

Why with the invention of the electronic keyboard, where there are no typebars for letters hence no issues of jams this has continued, is mostly attributed to the endearing familiarity of the typewriter scheme.

As an interesting side effect, the QWERTY layout resulted in faster touch-typing, since it enforces more frequent alternation than the alphabetic layout; words whose letters alternate hands are faster to type than words that are typed entirely with the same hand.

In reality, the distribution of letter-frequencies in English texts subtly varies depending on the format and vocabulary of the document in question, so which keyboard layout has better alternation is context-dependent In the earliest remotes like the one linked , the clicking sound wasn't just a resultant of a mechanical button being moved, it's how they sent the signal to the T.

Each button flicked a different tine, setting it resonating like a tuning fork , and the T. Naturally, there isn't a lot of bandwidth there, so these early remote controls did little more than adjust the volume, power, and sometimes change the channels.

Said limited bandwidth could be sometimes problematic, with random noises such as a toy xylophone's overtones triggering the T.

It was only later that televisions began to be signalled electrically, first by wired remote and later wireless via infrared or radio-frequency.

If you could have asked someone from a time before the age of TV if they dreamed in black and white, they'd look at you funny like you just said the sky is green with pink polka dots.

Digital telephones have a clause in their governing standards that mandates the use of " comfort noise ", a soft hissing generated in the receiving end, in order to fake the atmospheric noise from normal land lines.

The most often cited reason: Another reason is that while the silence is encoded as true silence, transmitted speech always contains some noise from the speaker's environment and speech encoding.

If comfort noise was not added during silence, the end result would be a chopping background noise whenever the speaker says something.

Similarly, Bell System engineers discovered long ago that feeding the speaker's voice back into the earpiece prevented users from shouting into their phones.

This feature, called sidetone, actually had to be carefully calibrated: Most cell phones are on the soft end of the extreme, which is why people on cell phones in public are often so obnoxious.

This is where the practice originated of blowing into the receiver to generate side tone and make sure you are connected.

Talking on the phone without comfort noise usually results in a "hey, are you still there? This is noticeable particularly in Vo IP programs with automatic voice activation, and button activation to a lesser extent.

When the participants aren't speaking and the program isn't transmitting anything, the lack of any environmental noise makes it hard to tell who is present without visual cues.

This is part of the reason for sound bites used to signal when a user connects or disconnects from a channel, because adding background noise might be annoying during long conversations.

Telephone networks in offices typically have the dial tone added so the phones emulate what the users are used to at home.

Pulsing progress bars, spinning wheel graphics and similar graphical tricks used in computer operating systems and applications, sometimes referred to as "customer assurance widgets".

They're there to convince you that something's happening - that your files are actually being copied or the computer's working hard in some way.

Perhaps the most famous example of this is the strobing bar that has appeared for years on the various versions of Microsoft Windows as it boots up.

The progress of the bar doesn't actually mean anything, but people - particularly those of a non-technical disposition who make up the bulk of computer users, to the bane of technical support staff everywhere - tend to get antsy when they're stuck watching a computer apparently not doing anything for several seconds.

Conversely, eschewing the graphical interface and running from a command line in most OSes will produce little to no visual indication that the computer is actually doing anything at all, even when it's running hell for leather under full processor load.

This actually goes back to the days before computers became mainstream. In the olden days when computers only existed in labs and were attended by white-coated priests, it often took the primitive systems of the day several hours to complete a single job.

If a scientist didn't sit in front of the terminal the whole time, what usually ended up happening was that some idiot would come along, try to use the machine, be unable to because it was busy, assume it had crashed and reboot it, screwing everything up.

Graphical progress representations curbed this trend and improved productivity, despite the fact they effectively doubled the time it took to perform the operation because of all the processor power they used this was back in the day when a "megabyte" sounded big, remember.

Generally, they jump forward a certain amount when the page starts loading, then asymptotically approach full in random bursts while data is being received.

One version of Safari got rid of the placebo progress bar and replaced it with a spinner, but it was brought back by popular demand.

The problem is that for every file, there's file system processing and storage drive seek time that add overhead time. The more files you are transferring, the more the transfer slows down because of this overhead.

And so the number jumping around means the OS isn't making predictions based on this fact. When you have no signal, IE 11 on Windows Phone 8 will display a progress bar that gradually fills up before generating an error just before the end.

Cell signal bars don't really have much to do with signal strength; in fact, the iPhone 3G came under fire for having "poor reception" just because it displayed fewer bars for the same signal strength than other phones.

Similarly Wi-Fi signal bars don't have much to do with signal strength or even network quality. You can have full bars because the Wi-Fi receiver picked up the beacon packets the packets Wi-Fi routers broadcast so devices know how to connect to it , but the actual network packets are garbage.

In Finland, there have reportedly been young women worried because their menstrual flow wasn't blue.

This is because sanitary pad adverts used to use blue fluid instead of actual blood to demonstrate the pad's being less leaky than a Brand X pad.

Some brands of scented tampons have a tendency to turn your flow blue with the blue scent-disperser. In modern Continuously Variable Transmissions C.

However, many people feel that the lack of discernible gear changes made the car feel underpowered or flawed.

This led many automakers to incorporate the option of simulating the bump of gear changes that aren't really there. UK broadsheet newspaper the Financial Times was originally printed on pink i.

In time, white newsprint became ubiquitous and therefore the cheaper option, but by then everyone expected the FT to be pink. The modern newspaper is printed on white paper that has been dyed.

So first the paper is bleached, then it's dyed to look unbleached. High-end electric pianos weight the keys differently, with the higher keys on the right side with less weight, and the lower keys on the left side with more weight.

The rationale is that this gets the keys even closer in feel to a real piano, which do require less weight on the high notes because of the smaller impact needed to hit a shorter string Annoyed by loud lawn mowers on the weekend?

It's possible to make them much quieter, but then they don't sell because people think the louder ones are more powerful and do a better job.

The "stage accent" that American actors use when portraying actors or making fun of themselves hasn't been seriously used for at least a century, and in most performances they're advised against using it.

Why does the stage accent still persist? Partly because it's fun, and partly because audiences don't expect actors to talk normally even in contemporary plays that are clearly stated to take place in a specific area.

Modern ATMs make almost no sound. The clicks and whirrs of machinery that you hear in modern ATMs are usually sound effects that are added to give the user confidence that it is working.

Modern slot machines are completely computer controlled and the outcome is determined by a random number generator but machines which show physical reels are still popular despite the outcome being determined before the wheels even start spinning.

It goes as far as having arms on the side which function exactly like buttons and devices inside to simulate the ratchet sound of the arm and the click of the wheels stopping.

Purely digital slots are still common in lower budget casinos and gaming centers, but are often seen as trashy or suspicious compared to the ones with superfluous mechanical parts.

Another interesting feature is that, for legal reasons, various "slot machines" in certain areas are actually bingo machines.

The machine plays out a game of Bingo usually indicated by a tiny bingo card graphic in a corner of the screen , and they simply use the slot machine face to indicate whether or not a player has won.

It is usually easy to spot "fake" breasts, on women who have had extensive silicone implants to increase their bust size.

The implanted breasts' shape and movement is different from those of breasts made up entirely of natural tissue.

However, large-but-fake busts nonetheless continue to make frequent appearances in photos, movies, and videos because people have been conditioned through decades of media to find that shape appealing—to the point where women are often depicted in animated or other non-photographic media to have silicone-looking breasts when they do not actually need to be.

This is true for the same reason and to the same extent that it's easy to spot toupees. That is to say, you only notice the ones you notice, and don't notice the ones you don't.

Cheap fakes whether hair or boobs are easy to notice. At the higher end, you pretty much have to get your hands on them to know for sure.

It's even going even further: Ironically, in a major sense-of-humour failure, Monty Python founder Eric Idle threatened to sue an independent film-maker who used the "that's not a horse - you're using coconuts!

Saner counsel prevailed, when it was pointed out to him exactly how old the gag was, and that for instance a radio comedy show Idle himself had written for had used this gag way back in the 's - ten years before the Holy Grail movie.

And the BBC radio comedy archives preserved older examples still Many clocks and watches with an analogue display featuring roman numerals use four I's IIII to represent the number 4.

The common roman numeral representation for the number four would be "IV", which is something anyone who has been exposed to roman numerals would know right off the bat both are valid, but the subtractive method is what most people learn.

There are several theories for why only clock faces do this , but none of them are definitive. The concept of buying used or refurbished items is ingrained in most peoples' minds as "this item will break down faster than a brand new item", even though, depending on the product, most items can work as good as their newer counterparts and last just as long.

The original HPC financial calculator was one of the devices that won famously conservative bankers over to the idea of relying on electronics back in the early s.

When performing even simple calculations the HPC would go "blank" for a second before returning the result. When the electronics were modernized in later years it was discovered that the bankers and accountants that used the calculators didn't trust the instant results that the upgraded circuits were returning.

This delay doesn't actually do anything except make the user feel like the calculator is working really hard. In real life in a normal atmosphere, a laser beam is seen as a single intense dot of light on the thing the laser is pointed at.

All of the light is focused in one direction, and if that direction is not towards your eye which hopefully it isn't , none of it enters your eye and so you don't see anything until the laser hits something and the light diffuses.

Creating a visible beam in real life requires an atmosphere of smoke, fog, or dust, so that the beam is constantly reflecting off dust particles - and this reduces the power of the laser.

Many items or toys which use lasers will show the item operating in such an atmosphere to create a visible beam; purchasers are often disappointed when the beam turns out not to be visible in normal circumstances.

Laser tag areas often deliberately have dusty atmospheres inside to maximize the visibility of the beams. Downplayed in the case of green lasers which cause the air to glow slightly in the path of the beam, making it visible, though it has to be in dark conditions to be seen.

And averted in the case of blue lasers, which will make the air glow much more brightly, causing it to be visible even in lighted conditions. It still doesn't look like a visible Hollywood laser though.

And this means that real life laser weapons are utterly terrifying. They're usually infrared lasers, so they can't be seen even if there is dust around, but if you step into that invisible beam you can be burned or permanently blinded.

The main reason they're not commonly used isn't because we can't make them, it's because they're banned under the Geneva convention since any laser that could cause significant damage would also instantly strike a person blind.

Even though the reading of the will is not a legal requirement, some lawyers and executors will do it because it is expected, due to what people see on television and the movies.

Lately this seems to be happening in the drug industry. After watching Breaking Bad , many people assumed that the purest meth is blue.

This is not correct clear meth is transparent , but because of that many dealers now color their wares blue to make it look pure.

It actually makes meth less pure. Even the show establishes that it's only blue because Walt needed to synthesize a precursor for himself because he couldn't get his hands on it directly, and that the final product is more pure because of Walt's ability independent of that.

Hank refers to it as "biker meth" derived from a different process, rather than intrinsically being more pure. Amusingly, the trope itself takes effect when Jack's gang produces some fairly pure meth that raises concerns for not being blue.

When video playback fails, YouTube displays a window with static and a rolling bar of brightness. This is based on what appeared on old analog televisions when the signal was lost, but is entirely simulated.

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B2B is the prime market Join Games are targeting of course. The company has in its sights operators within prime gaming territories, including those who hold licences in Curacao, Alderney, Isle of Man and Gibraltar.

As a new company, Join Games has a lot of work to do, not just in developing and refining its games, but in forming partnerships with new clients who can roll out their slots to virtual and land-based casinos.

Based out of offices in the Maltese city of Valletta, Join Games welcomes approaches from interested parties, who can reach the company by Skype, telephone or email.

The company is currently seeking a game developer who is fluent in Flash and HTML5, which can be taken as an indication of the sort of games Join Games intend to keep building: For many aspiring games developers, the first step towards acceptance and to gaining brand recognition is to take their wares to trade shows.

One of the most exciting things about becoming a games developer is signing agreements with existing and well-established clients.

These provide public proof that your games not only pass muster, but that your company is becoming accepted and respected within the industry.

This has been followed by deals with EveryMatrix and Betconstruct , who operate a large and highly respected gaming platform.

Throw in a recent partnership with Viral Interactive, and it would be fair to say that Join Games are a company whose star is in the ascendancy.

It's like selling an intimidating Hand Cannon without a hammer to cock dramatically or a Laser Sight to show someone exactly which part of their body it will blow off. That is when the commission is set to appoint officials to work Bradley's title defense against Juan Manuel Marquez on Oct. The most Twinkle Slots - Play Free Join Games Slot Machines Online data available shows that this pattern continued inas the number of offences was almost unchanged, a fall of 1. Who appraises property value? If random runner 15 spielen have two cars, can you make do with one? She tells fables of a wish granting Genie in a Lamp and Ali Culcay and paypal konto löschen und neu anlegen forty thieves who kept treasures in a magical cave. Your content is excellent but with pics and clips, this blog could definitely be one of the very best in its field. If you drive a Porsche, you want people to hear it is the real thing. In reality the predominant noise is the sound of cooling fans and water pumps. The Joy Of Six. Each button flicked a different tine, setting it resonating like a tuning forkand the T. But the glitz and glamour of the high society are not the only thing to look forward to in the latest 20 Line, 5 reel video game. E-Chat is a brand new decentralized utility which combines a secure, decentralized chat app with a cryptocurrency pockets capable of dealing with a number of completely different coins. Lost Secrets Of Atlantis. Noonan faulted Wells Fargo's drafting of the trial period plan, saying that to rule in the bank's favor would render the benefits for borrowers illusory.

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